case study

Cloud hosting delivers faster,
more reliable processing at Wrexham

By moving its revenues and benefits system to the NPS Cloud, Wrexham Council has delivered great results, fast.

The need for change

Wrexham Borough Council has used NPS Revenues & Benefits successfully since 2009, managing 60,000 bills and 10,000 claims annually. In 2017, a combination of staffing changes and the need to improve its hardware because of other changes enabled the council to reconsider its in-house hosting.

“As well as going through organisational change we knew our servers needed upgrading. When we spoke to authorities that had already moved to the cloud they were really positive"

~ Matthew Evans, Service Manager of Revenues & Benefits at Wrexham Borough Council

Smooth transition

To avoid the cost of server upgrades the council had just over six months to make the switch, so worked with NPS to access the data over a VPN rather than a fixed line. NPS took over the hosting to deadline in January 2018, leaving plenty of time to test the systems and processes before Annual Billing.

Fast and effective

Straight away, users found the system more responsive. Running the billing extracts was considerably quicker, being completed in just two hours in comparison to eight or nine the previous year.

24/7 support

and proactive monitoring

Improved disaster recovery

and secure UK-based data centres

Responsive systems

and access to the latest software upgrades

Specialist management

and fine tuning of your applications

More time

for IT staff, freed from time-consuming administration

Scalable infrastructure

with no capital expenditure

“Our systems run faster, the upgrades are smoother and we have 24/7 access to specialist support. The expertise of the NPS team is making a real difference."

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