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NPS Cloud takes performance to the next level

The latest improvements enabled the London Boroughs of Wandsworth and Richmond to cut annual billing processing times by more than 70%.

Maximising efficiency

In 2016, Wandsworth and Richmond councils created a new shared workforce to deliver cost-effective services for both areas. Moving their revenues and benefits systems into the NPS Cloud was a continuation of that programme, as application coordinator Kirsty Black explains: “We moved to the NPS Cloud in 2018 to reduce our costs and get support from their experts. Users noticed the benefits straight away and the latest improvements have taken it to the next level.” At the end of 2019, the councils’ applications were moved to NPS’s state-of-the-art data centre, driving performance even higher and enabling a great user experience.

“There’s been a tremendous improvement in speed both for batch processing and user responsiveness - annual billing was absolutely wonderful this year!”

~ Kirsty Black, Application Coordinator, London Boroughs of Wandsworth and Richmond

Continuous improvement

The move made a noticeable difference to the 150 daily users. By June 2020, average refresh rates had reached a low of 0.4 seconds, compared to 0.9 seconds back in 2018. But it was in annual billing where they felt the biggest difference. In 2019, running the annual billing took a total of 60 hours across both councils. In 2020, it reduced by 70% to just 17.5 hours.

“The pressure of Covid-19 meant system availability was crucial. So having a team of software experts and cloud experts working in tandem to keep us going was a game changer. I’ve been hugely impressed.”

~ Kirsty Black, Application Coordinator, London Boroughs of Wandsworth and Richmond

Looking ahead

In the next stage of improvements, the councils will be migrating additional services, including business rates, from a third party supplier into NPS Revenues & Benefits and running them in-house.


accounts across Richmond & Wandsworth


users accessing the system every day


additional users across other departments


reduction in time taken to run annual billing

0.4 secs

average refresh rate in June 2020


availability during Covid-19 lockdown

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