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Strengthening the evidence for safe and effective spinal treatments

By collecting and analysing comprehensive data on spinal therapy outcomes, the Spine Tango registry aims to inform improvements in patient care worldwide.

Growing demand

With back pain one of the leading causes of disability worldwide, spinal surgery is a rapidly developing area. Hundreds of thousands of operations take place every year, but a lack of comparative data is hindering the development of best practice and potentially putting patients at risk. By collecting high-quality data on all kinds of implant procedures, conservative therapies and patient reported outcomes (PROMs), the Spine Tango registry enables clinicians and industry to monitor the safety and effectiveness of treatments.

Why join Spine Tango?

Better treatments - enabling surgeons and hospitals to monitor performance and establish best practice. Effective implants - engaging manufacturers by offering long-term performance data, creating a benchmark that supports safe and cost-effective innovation. Safer healthcare - enabling swift recall and building an early-warning system that can identify problems before they harm patients. Stronger research - creating an evidence base that supports world-leading analysis on treatments and outcomes.

Patient satisfaction – providing patients with real-world evidence from their clinicians for shared decision-making, fostering realistic treatment outcome expectations and therewith, improving patient satisfaction. Common standards – developing common language in spinal treatments, quality assurance and research for clinicians, spinal societies, industry and regulators

“Working with NPS is key to realising our ambitions. Their experience supporting other international registries will be essential as we work to attract new hospitals and industry partners.”

~ Robert Conrad, registry manager

New partnership

Spine Tango was established in 2004 by leading spinal society EUROSPINE, the spine society of Europe. By recording and tracking the outcomes from therapies, the registry is building the evidence that will drive better healthcare. It holds data on treatments performed in hospitals across 19 countries, and there are ambitious plans to expand. Registry manager Robert Conrad explains: “Joining Spine Tango is voluntary, so we had to make it as easy as possible to enter data. We also wanted to engage implant manufacturers at every stage and have a secure and robust technology platform that could grow with us. We didn’t have that kind of expertise in-house, so we turned to NPS.” NPS has supported the world’s largest orthopaedic registry - the NJR - for more than a decade, and now supports registries in five different specialisms. By making data easier to enter, store, analyse and share, they will help to extend Spine Tango’s reach and support better treatments. Spine Tango was migrated to the NPS registry platform in March 2019.

How it works

Hospitals use secure online forms to register data on patient treatment including any implant used. PROMs are also recorded to build a complete picture of treatment outcome. Clinicians can access a confidential tool to analyse their performance against national benchmarks, with hospitals able to do the same against global benchmarks. The data is also published in anonymised, aggregate format to support clinical research worldwide by delivering real-world evidence.

Industry engagement

Industry engagement is key to success, and Spine Tango has been quick to build trusted relationships with implant manufacturers.

Being able to monitor real-world implant performance is vital to ensure patient safety, as well as supporting implant innovation. The registry incorporates full product catalogues - covering over 160,000 unique products so far - to make it easy to record the implants used in each case.

Robust techology

Online forms

Platform features

Benchmarking and other reports

Common standards and definitions

Secure data centres

GDPR compliant

Spine Tango is providing robust, real-world evidence to clinicians, industry, regulators and funders alike.

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