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Scanning patient records for
Scotland’s largest Health Board

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde is digitising patient records to free up space, improve data security and reduce the cost of paper storage.

Major investment

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) is the UK's largest Health Board. Operating with a staff of 38,000 and serving 1.2 million people, NHSGGC wanted to save money by reducing the cost of paper storage.

As part of a major capital investment programme, the board decided to digitise historic patient records. This which would keep costs to a minimum by freeing up storage space, while also making clinical information easier to find. NPS was selected for its proven experience of end-to-end document solutions working with sensitive data.

Meticulous planning

NPS worked closely with the NHSGGC project team and individual GP practices from start to finish, managing the collection, transit, scanning and uploading of all files into Docman, an electronic document management system used by GP practices. Once the quality of the images and the completeness of the records was confirmed, the paper files were securely destroyed.

It was critical that records remained accessible during the scanning process. NPS provided an emergency scan-on-demand service where any record waiting to be scanned could be made available as an electronic record inside four hours.

“We’re delighted to have moved away from paper records. There’s no clutter, it’s more efficient and information is far more easily shared now, something that’s particularly important for out-of-hours patient care."

~ Judith Belmore, Practice Manager at The Orange Wing Medical Practice.

The benefits

With extra clinical and office space, improved record management, no deterioration of paper records and no paper storage costs, NHSGGC’s programme has delivered significant benefits. This is what NHSGGC staff had to say about the project:


GP practices have undergone digitisation


patient records scanned


boxes of records digitised

"By digitising around 220 boxes of records from 7,000 patients we’ve freed up enough space to create an additional office and a consulting room. It’s delivered a better working environment for staff and patients and enabled us to work towards becoming a training practice."

~ Stephanie McKinnon, Practice Manager at Glenmill Medical Centre

"We backscanned our records to create the space we needed to merge with another practice. The NPS team were fantastic throughout the process and we now have instant access to records, which is making a huge difference to how we work."

~ Pauline Wilmoth, Practice Manager at Woodhead Medical Practice

"We’ve made a significant investment in digitisation that’s improving health services for the board area. Like all complex programmes it was technically challenging but by working closely with NPS colleagues we were able to iron out the glitches."

~ Madge Durkan, Project Manager for NHSGGC

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