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Information@Work Email Connect makes a difference at Hastings

Within a month of going live, the revenues and benefits team at Hastings Borough Council has been able to reduce the paperwork associated with email enquiries by 90%.

New approach to document management

With around 90,000 residents, Hastings Borough Council’s revenues and benefits team manages more than 43,000 council tax bills and 17,000 discount claims each year. Hastings made the decision to make a big improvement and selected Information@Work Enterprise with Email Connect from NPS.

Browser-based, easy to use and with direct integration to a wide range of back office systems, Information@Work Enterprise makes high-volume document management a breeze. Dealing not only with physical paper, but also with electronic mail, the Email Connect solution extends these benefits to the mailbox, automatically indexing emails, where there is a recognisable reference, to cut out vast amounts of manual work.

Hastings went live with both solutions in September 2019.

“Information@Work Enterprise is really comprehensive and totally different from other systems I’ve seen. The Email Connect module alone will pay for itself within months.”

~ Matthew Dyne, Team Leader, Revenues & Benefits, Hastings Borough Council

Automatic email indexing

Before Email Connect, managing around 100 enquiries a day was a labour-intensive task. For each email, staff would print it, find the right reference number, affix a barcode sticker showing the right claim reference or account number, scan it and upload it to the document management system.

Now, emails are automatically indexed to the admin officer’s area with the reference numbers in the right place, requiring only a quick online review before they go to the right work queue. Any replies from customers used to be printed and uploaded, but now they go straight into the system.

Where a customer has added the wrong reference, it’s an easier fix here too - previously only the admin officer who dealt with the enquiry could correct it, but now all users of the revenues and benefits system can make the change.

Team Leader Matthew Dyne believes this has eliminated 90% of the paperwork associated with managing emails.

“Information@Work Enterprise and Email Connect are already making a real difference to how we work and we’re now starting to look at even more improvements.”

~ Matthew Dyne

Smooth transition to I@W Enterprise

Matthew worked with NPS’ experienced consultants to deliver a smooth change, first testing the system and the new procedures with groups of staff and then delivering the right training in advance of go-live.

Now, Information@Work Enterprise is being used to great effect by staff across revenues and benefits, customer service and internal audit. Mathew has personally seen the difference in his work as a duty officer. Previously, he would have to manually remove certain records to avoid overpayment, but now the built-in routines ensure the right data has priority.


43,000 Council Tax bills
issued annually

73 users across
three departments

90% saving in
email-related paperwork

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