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Move to cloud hosting sets up big benefits for Walsall

With a view to moving 50% of all citizen communications online, Walsall’s revenues and benefits service has joined the NPS cloud.


active cases across HB / CTR


target for enotifications to replace print / post


Citizen Access solutions to deliver self-service


To reduce their costs and provide better service availability, Walsall Council opted to make a staged move to the cloud.

When their old hardware started to impact efficient working, the revenues and benefits service became the first to make the move, joining the NPS cloud in June 2018.

“We’ve used NPS Revenues & Benefits for more than 15 years. By moving it from our own servers to the NPS cloud we’ll save on IT costs and more importantly enable 24/7 services for our customers.”

~ Jeanette Hitchcock, Project Lead at Walsall Council

Advanced self-service

Walsall’s ambition is to move 50% of all notifications online in order to cut out print and post and it chose NPS Citizen Access to achieve it.

The Citizen Access solutions are smartphone-ready, available for Revenues, Benefits and Landlords and offer direct integration to the back office, automating as many processes as possible and cutting out re-keying. They also work on any device, enabling customers to complete forms and upload evidence with ease.

“In less than 12 months we’ve made a successful move to the NPS cloud and launched our Landlord Portal, with more services to follow.”

Making the move

Getting ready for the move meant providing information to support all the new interfaces. Jeanette recommends taking time on this part:

“If you’re moving to the cloud, spend some time planning the new interfaces - we had a few teething problems at the beginning but the NPS project manager was very responsive throughout.”

Economies of scale

Joining the NPS cloud gives authorities all the benefits of security, availability and reduced IT costs but also offers economies of scale; the space is designed for and shared by public service customers to offer even greater savings and the flexibility to scale up when needed. Jeanette concludes:

“When we were using our own infrastructure we relied on busy IT staff to support updates and had problems with availability. Since moving to the NPS Cloud we’ve had no unplanned downtime, more responsive systems and their specialist database administrators are available 24/7.”

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